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Rejuvenate Alabama is dedicated to expanding and developing the area of comprehensive wellness by focusing on disease prevention.

We believe in practicing medicine for preventive reasons, rather than treating patients for illnesses which commonly result from obesity, hormone imbalance or unhealthy lifestyle habits

Currently our full line of products & services features:

Rejuvenate Alabama offers several weight loss programs designed to help patients meet their goals for losing weight, maintaining weight loss, and reducing complications of obesity-related diseases.

We have formulated an array of effective combinations for weight management solutions including :

Anti-Aging, Testosterone Therapy and Human Growth Hormone Therapy

While anti-aging products and services are mainly sought after by women worldwide, men have recently joined in on the quest to remain young forever as well. From our local Roswell office, we can service all your Anti aging needs.

Studies show that in the U.S. alone, the market for anti-aging products (specifically for aesthetic results) is expected to be $5 billion.

BHRT for Men

After the age of 35 hormone levels (such as testosterone) in men slowly begin to decline.

Low testosterone levels can cause fatigue, decreased libido, loss of muscle and even osteoporosis.

Our solution at Rejuvenate Alabama is BHRT, a comprehensive program of regular lab testing and bio-identical hormone therapy designed to restore balance and improve overall health long-term.

On-site lab testing is one of the many features our Rejuvenate Alabama practices provide for patients to achieve comprehensive wellness.

Upon an initial consultation or walk-in appointment patients are able to have lab testing done the same day with a 24 to 48-hour turnaround time for most results.



Our approach to Fitness is simple. We want to build YOU a healthy metabolism! Using our partnership with Crossfit Roadhouse and their success driven Amrapunisher Conditioning programming series. We have put our years and tens of thousands of hours of training experience to use. We have built a constantly varied system where we combine the best low impact exercises to build YOU a healthy metabolism safely.


Anti-Aging for Women and Men

Recent statistics from the beauty industry show that women in the U.S. spend a total of $7 billion per year on cosmetics.

In 2007 nearly 11.7 million cosmetic surgical & non-surgical procedures were performed—and 91% of those treatments were given to women.

Ultrasound Cavitation combined with Radio Frequency (RF) is a non-surgical fat removal treatment that has the possibility of removing ¼” to 2 inches of stubborn fat per treatment. This revolutionary procedure was discovered in Europe.

Because there is no surgery and no anesthesia, a client sees no hospital stay, no missed work and no recovery time. Clients may see immediate results and will continue to see a reduction of fat for up to a week following their first session.

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