HCG, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a pro-hormone that is naturally produced in the placenta during pregnancy. Controversies surrounding the efficacy of HCG Injections for weight loss still exist. Critics claim the caloric restrictions are responsible for weight loss results, not the hormone itself. However, with properly administered doses and monitoring of HCG, it has proven to help the body make more hormones where there are deficiencies and imbalances most are unaware of. Whether it is thyroid, menopause or andropause, the HCG hormone offers help in balancing out your body’s hormone levels.


There are many HCG related products on the market all claiming to work, but only injections have been shown to raise the blood levels of HCG, making it the only effective way of taking the hormone. Any drops, pills or sprays are likely to be dissolved before ever reaching the blood, rendering them ineffective. Injections should only be taken with a prescription and under medical supervision. In conjunction with a low calorie diet, you can lose up to one pound per day on an HCG diet plan.

How exactly do HCG Injections work? They change how you lose weight, faster and more effectively. The presence of HCG in the bloodstream helps curb the appetite. Generally when people lose weight a lot of muscle is lost as well which in turn slows down metabolism. By raising hormone levels in the body, such as testosterone, HCG creates an anabolic state which contributes to lean muscle gain. With HCG injections, there is more of a pure fat loss which results in the desired shrinking in inches and clothing size. The lean muscle gains allows for stronger metabolism and helps people maintain their weight loss long after the diet is successfully completed. Other benefits of HCG injections include increased libido and fertility as well.

Unfortunately, there is still no magic pill or injection that can alone produce the weight loss results you desire. Diet, exercise and commitment are always key to help you achieve the optimal results. At rejuvenate Alabama, we take a specialized approach to weight loss and weight management and fitness under one roof!. We customize each program according to your eating habits, metabolism, body needs and weight loss goals. With in house lab draws and one-on-one physician review of results, we can pinpoint your hormone deficiencies and create the optimal weight loss plan. Call your local Rejuvenate Alabama to schedule a free consultation! It is our mission to help you look and feel great! Call our weight loss professionals today! 251 308 2136 or click this link






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